Choose your attitude.◎回烏日鳳凰志工首頁 回網路引用Choose your attitude.選擇你的態度Your choice of attitude can decide the outcome of your life..態度決定一個人的成就。 Negative thoughts have no power unless you empower them.只要你保持樂汽車借款觀,你就不會有負面消極的想法。Write a list of blessings and keep them handy在身邊寫下正向積極的文字, to read when you are attacked with "negative thoughts".當你消極悲觀時,可隨時提醒自己。 There is enough good and bad in everyone’s life汽車貸款每個人的生活都有順與不順的時候—ample sorrow and happiness, sufficient joy and pain !--極度的悲哀與幸福,、喜悅與痛苦比比皆是,—to find a rational basis for either optimism or pessimism. --採取樂觀或悲觀的情緒, It’s your decision取決於房屋出租自己。From which perspective do you want to view life?您想從那個觀點看待自己的生活?Will you look up in hope or down in despair?您是滿懷希望或從此絕望?An optimistic attitude is not a luxury;樂觀的態度不是一種奢侈品, it’s a 買房子necessity.它是生活中的必需品。The way you look at life will determine how you feel,您看待生活的方式,將決定您對生活的感覺、how you perform, and how well you get along with other people.您在工作上的成就、以及您與別人相處的表現。賣屋Conversely, negative thoughts, attitudes, and expectations feed on themselves;相反的,當自己一直持負面的思想、態度及期望時,they become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 這些想法也將預言成真。Pessimism creates a dismal place where no one wants 餐飲設備to live.沒有人願意停留在悲觀主義者所營造陰暗的地方,The only thing more powerful than negativism is a positive affirmation.唯一可以克服消極論調者就是正面的肯定。It is from the struggle, not the victory, that we gain strength.力量的泉源來製冰機自於奮鬥的過程而不在勝利! 。You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, 您無法抑制事情的發生,但可掌握面對事情的態度,and in that,you will be mastering change rather than 洗碗機allowing it to master you.同時,您必須能掌控局面,而不能讓外力左右您的前進。While you meet something beautiful, the first thing you should do is to share it with your friends anywhere.當你遇見美好的事物時所要做的第一件事,就是把它分享給你咖啡機四周的人。So that these beautiful things will be able to spread out liberally around the world. 才能在這個世界上這樣美好的事物,自由自在的散播開來。

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